Hotel Tycoon Board Game


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Hotel Tycoon Board Game

  • A fantastic looking family board game
  • Become a real estate magnate building hotels and resorts
  • Can you be the richest and wealthiest owner?
  • Ages 8 +
  • 2-4 Players

Game Description:

Become a real estate magnate, build hotels and welcome your
guests, hoping they stay long enough to bankrupt themselves when its
time to pay the bill. The last player left is declared the winner. You
play as a hotel tycoon buying luxurious hotels and resorts around the
world. As such you have deal with planning permits, upgrading and
developing your hotel to become the richest player. Game comes with
beautifully designed 3D hotel elements and features

Hotel Tycoon – Board Game – Asmodee Editions.
Become a real estate magnate and make everyone else pay the bill.
For ages 8+

Box Contains:

1 x game board
28 x buildings
8 x recreational facilities
8 x title deeds
1 x control tower
1 x hanger
30 x hotel entrances
1 x pack on bank notes
4 x airplanes
2 x dice


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