Ingenious Strategy Board Game


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Ingenious Strategy Board Game

Lay out the board and place all the tiles into the black bag. Take a
tile rack for each player and start with 6 tiles from the bag. Place
your wooden cube markers on the colour symbols (number 0) on the
score-boards. Each tile has 2 symbols. The object of the game is to
place a tile with one of its symbols next to a similar one already on
the board and to score as many lines of colours going in a straight line
from each of the 2 symbols on the tiles. As you score each turn, you
move your marker along the scoreboard. When the players have completely
filled the main playing board with tiles, then the game is over. The
winner is the player whose “worst” marker has advanced the most!

The strategy game for the whole family, Ingenious is easy to learn,
quick to play and beautifully made. The game has an infinite number of
strategies and because of the clever scoring system, every game will
pose a unique challenge. Game play involves scoring points by placing
coloured tiles on the hexagonal board, all the while trying to block
your opponents and avoid being blocked off. To play Ingenious online
click on the image, on the right.

  • Ingenious is a strategy game for all the family
  • Ingenious will totally capture you from the first time you play
  • This award-winning strategy game is so easy yet so engaging that you will want to play over and over again!
  • It’s easy to learn and quick to play
  • For 1-4 players, ages 8+


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