Seagreen Mattress – 600 Pocket Springs – King -150cm


Seagreen Mattress – 600 Pocket Springs – King – 150cm

  • Mattresses made from recycled Plastic from the sea!
  • available in all sizes!
  • Made in the UK
  • receive 10% off if your order is £500+ – use coupon code or contact us

Seagreen is an innovation that is at the heart of what we aim for as an environmentally accountable manufacturer in the bed industry.

What Is It?
Seagreen is a fabric technology which is transforming furniture, interiors and even fashion. The fabric is woven using recycled plastics that have been retrieved from the ocean by the SEAQUAL® Community.

SEAQUAL® is a global initiative that manages the collection of marine plastics and recycles them for use in fabric. The community is made up of fishermen, commercial operators and beachcombers who all collect the plastics that would have normally remained in our oceans.
Fishermen, who in the past would have returned netted plastics to the sea, are now incentivised to retain the plastics for the Community to re-use.

Why Now?
More than 8 million metric tons of plastic enters the ocean every single year, adding to the 150 million tons that it is believed already circulates in the oceans. If the amount of plastic waste continues, it is though that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.
Plastic has been found in 60 percent of all seabirds and 100 percent of all sea turtle species, because they mistake plastic for food.
The problem of marine plastics has never been greater, for the planet and the marine life within it.
Seagreen is the beginning of our own journey to help reduce – maybe one day eliminate—the problem of marine plastic waste, alongside our existing commitment to reduce overall waste and our Carbon Footprint.

The Benefits
The ecological benefits are obvious—every kilo of woven fibre is a kilo of marine plastic that has been retrieved from the sea.
What’s more, there are many other benefits of using our Seagreen fabric:
• It is Certified Organic,
• It replaces virgin polyester, thus reducing the production of traditional polyester
• 60% less energy to produce compared to traditional mattress fabrics
• Chemical free, thanks to mechanical recycling
• Sustainable—the equivalent of about 180 bottles in each mattress

Weight 60 kg


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