Time machine – Motion clock, balls are moved round to tell the time.

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Time machine – Ball Bearing Clock
Time Machine clock only!
no adapter included, power adapter or batteries required!

I’m afraid the Time Machine ball clocks are not being produced at the moment,
the manufacturer is looking at starting again, but no date has been given yet
it has been over a year since, so to be honest It’s not going to be anytime soon unfortunately
do have a list of people waiting for them, if you would like to be
added to the list please drop us an email on info@huckleberrywilow.co.uk

A wonderful timepiece that will get you staring at it from the moment you get it rolling.

The Time Machine clock tells the passing time by dropping a chrome ball onto a multi-tiered track. Every five minutes, the last ball is dropped a level to mark a twelfth of the hour while the rest are flushed to the ball bearing time hopper; the same happens every sixty minutes to flush out the five-minute markers and mark the passing of another hour. So you will know the time by seeing the ball that dropped.

Size: H 20.3cm x W 27.3cm x D 16.2cm

Can be used with batteries or a Adapter.
(batteries are not included)

extra details:
Clear perspex cover, black insides as shown.
Balls silver.

we do have a separate listing with a Half price adapter option: total £39.95

Weight 2.2 kg


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